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Kentaki Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
If you value comfort, peace and quiet, this bedroom set is the ideal choice. The comfortable double bed, equipped with a soft headboard, will make your rest unforgettable. You can use the stylish nightstand to store all the necessary belongings. And installing the high capacious dresser, which comes with original metallic handles, will help you save space in your room. The dresser is equipped with a beautiful mirror, which has an unusual frame. Due to its elegant design, this bedroom set will create an aristocratic atmosphere in your bedroom.
1 808 AED
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Palemo King Bedroom Set
This unusual bedroom set, designed in the classic style, will surely complement your room. It is made of light wood, which makes it look luxurious and elegant. The comfortable, large bed, practical wardrobe, two nightstands, a chest with four drawers and a mirror create a calm, homely and cozy atmosphere. The color scheme of the bedroom set will match any kind of interior. Due to the capacious wardrobe, chest of drawers and nightstand, it can be comfortably used by two people, as it offers enough storage space. If you want to feel like a true aristocrat and to make your bedroom look stylish, pay attention to this bedroom set.
2 828 AED
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Peach Rose Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
This sleek bedroom set, designed in the contemporary style, is characterized by the unusual curved shapes. The set includes a large bed, a mirror, a dresser and two nightstands. All its elements look vivid and elegant. The leather tufted bed has a large headboard, making it cozier. And, speaking about the tufting, it is decorated with artificial crystals. The design of the bed is elaborate and appealing, even its metallic legs look stylish. In fact, the combination of a white color and metallic elements is always a safe choice.
3 489 AED
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Kentaki Bedroom Set
Romantic and rustic styles are almost impossible to imagine without beautiful shapes and weathered wood furniture finish. This bedroom set has a chestnut color clipboard, which creates a very inviting and home-like atmosphere in the place. One of the very first details you notice about this bed is a headboard, which looks like a piece of furniture art in itself. Moreover, the spacious 4-door wardrobe provides even more storage opportunities. It also has 2 mirrored doors to fit all your preferences.
3 497 AED
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Bolden Bedroom Set
This contemporary classic bedroom set will create an exquisite atmosphere in your bedroom. The bedroom set includes two nightstands. As you can see, having installed it, you will be able to store clothes, bed sheets and other things as well as to make your toilet without buying any additional furniture. Besides, the bed of this bedroom set offers much storage space. So, you will have all the necessary books, magazines and bed sheets at hand; you will not have to get out of the bed to get them. All the elements of the bedroom set are covered with a stylish light finish.
2 913 AED
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Mihrimah Bedroom Set
The modern chic style of this bedroom set will create a romantic atmosphere which is perfect to share with a loved one. The combination of the white and purple finish and rectangular metallic handles looks great. The bedroom set consists of two nightstands, a chest of drawers and a dresser. Speaking about the bed it is both elegant and comfortable; it is equipped with a wide headboard and slat support system. The bedroom set is durable and made of high-quality wood and metal.
7 064 AED
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Nehir Bedroom Set
Create the atmosphere of comfort and privacy in your bedroom with the help of this exquisite bedroom set. The interesting curved headboard, rounded corners, predominance of curved lines, stylish design of a nightstand and a dresser, graceful frame of a mirror are the main characteristics of this bedroom set, making it look aristocratic. The color scheme of the bedroom set highlights its elegance and creates a calm atmosphere in the room. You will surely sleep heavily in the room, where such a bedroom set is installed. The bedroom set includes a double bed, a wardrobe, a nightstand, and a mirror.
7 494 AED
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Atlantis Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
Experience ultimate comfort in grand surroundings with this regal bedroom set in elegant white color. Tall padded headboard is the true focal point of the set. Made of soft faux leather it comes equipped with built-in LED lights that will help you change the roomРІР‚™s atmosphere at any moment. The two side nightstands feature deep drawers will accommodate lamps or other things and personal belongings. Manufactured of lacquered melamine and MDF, the bed set also included a dresser with mirror and a stool.
3 408 AED
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Black Rose Bedroom Set
Classic bedroom set design never goes out of style, as it is extremely comforting to be surrounded by such type of furniture. Firstly, this impressive bedroom set, which has an elegant dark wood finish, includes a large and reliable bed with a mirrored headboard. Secondly, it comes with other essential pieces of furniture, such as two chests of drawers and a very useful little nightstand. The drawers in the furniture set are different-sized, which not only gives an interesting look but also provides you with maximum storage convenience. Practicality and looks are successfully combined in this bedroom set.
6 869 AED
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Almina Bedroom Set
Effective storage, elegance and comfort are among the top priorities in regard to purchasing bedroom furniture. This bedroom set certainly ticks all the mentioned requirements. The bedroom set has milk chocolate finish and its base material is overlaid with elegant birch veneers. Beautiful pieces of furniture included in the bedroom set consist of the stylish wardrobe, a two-drawer nightstand and an elegant dresser with a large framed mirror. The drawers are spacious enough to fit all your bedroom belongings and keep the room free of clutter. It is a perfect set for any interior design that you have in your bedroom.
4 358 AED
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Nicole Oak Bedroom Set
This modern bedroom set will perfectly suit any bedroom. It is characterized by a white finish and stylish wooden handles. The set includes a queen size bed, a roomy dresser, a mirror and two nightstands. Therefore, it includes all the items, which you will need in your bedroom. Speaking about the bed, it has a luxurious headboard, upholstered with beige leather; it serves as a bright accent here. You will surely feel comfortable and cozy, sleeping in this bed. Due to the high headboard, you can divide the space into two zones by placing the bed in the middle of the room.
2 474 AED
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Peach Rose Bedroom Set
This elegant bedroom set will help you create a quiet atmosphere in your bedroom. The huge bed comes with a high headboard that determines the atmosphere of the bedroom, making it cozier and more relaxed. Thanks to its soft leather upholstery, this bed is the perfect place for having a good sleep. This bedroom set consists of the wardrobe, and, certainly, a luxurious bed. It offers enough storage space for you to arrange all your bed sheets, cosmetics and even some clothes. Due to the convenient night table, you will be able to apply make-up right in your bedroom.
6 707 AED
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Black Rose Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
With the help of this high-tech bedroom set, you will be able to make your bedroom truly original. This bedroom set is designed for those, who like bright accents and unusual design ideas. Its color scheme includes purple and black colors. It is preferable to use this bedroom set in rooms, designed in the minimalist style. As for the bed, it possesses an unusual design; it comes with mirror headboard and offers additional storage space, so you will always have all the necessary things within reach. Speaking about the dresser, it matches the style of the bed and is roomy enough for you to store bed sheets and clothes.
3 665 AED
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Sun Bedroom Set
Adding style to your modern bedroom will be an easy task with this wonderful bed set. Made of solid wood for extra longevity, the bed set comes with a tall headboard in white and chestnut finish. Built-in LED lights will come handy when you want to illuminate the room with more intimate light. The item also includes a dresser with a beautiful side opening drawer and two matching nightstands. The latter come with soft closing drawers matching the headboard colors. The bedРІР‚™s integrated bed board base system is another obvious advantage of the item providing an ideal surface to the mattress of your choice.
2 431 AED
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Almina Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
Distinctive with a reflective touch, this bed set offers ultimate comfort your modern bed-room deserves. Creating an elegant atmosphere, the bed set features a tall headboard and two side nightstands that will accommodate night lamps, books, an alarm-clock, or other small items. Each nightstand has two drawers for storing other belongings. The base is strong and features four durable wooden feet that ensure durability, while the smart base system will fit practically any modern mattress.
2 204 AED
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Bolden Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
An extremely attractive addition to your contemporary bed-roomРІР‚™s dР“©cor, this bed set features an intricate headboard manufactured of wood. This stylish bed set features highly intricate craftsmanship and comes in a beautiful cherry color and comes with two nightstands for storing personal belongings.
2 323 AED
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Nicole Oak Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
Create the atmosphere of comfort and privacy in your bedroom with the help of this exquisite bedroom set. With the help of this classic set, you will be able to make your bedroom truly original. This bedroom set is designed for those, who like bright accents and unusual design ideas. Its color scheme includes light oak colors. Each piece contributes an excellent look and reveals a nature like comfort and ease over all.
2 195 AED
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Koen Bedroom Set
To create an incredibly pleasant vibe in the bedroom it is extremely essential to purchase the best-looking and most versatile set of bedroom furniture, as it makes the whole space appear a certain way. This incredibly elegant bedroom set consists of the large bed featuring a unique wooden headboard, 3-door wardrobe, two nightstand, and a chest of drawers to keep some items close to you in case you might need them. One of the bedroom drawers has a mirror, the frame of which perfectly complements design of the headboard, thus making the place look harmonious. All the furniture has a beautiful dark merlot finish, which provides a very cozy feel to the place.
2 631 AED
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Nicole Wenge Bedroom Set
Simplicity and individuality to a large extent characterize modern design, including all types of furniture for different rooms and bedroom is definitely not an exception. This dark wood bedroom furniture is an epitome of elegance and sophistication. A large bed, two different-sized chests of drawers, a nightstand create a very distinct and laid-back atmosphere in the space. This bedroom furniture is specially crafted to become the most peaceful and comfort place.
2 678 AED
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Nicole Wenge Bedroom Set w/o Wardrobe
If you prefer furniture designed in the modern style, we recommend you to pay attention to this bedroom set. This bedroom set is characterized by the modern design and will be the best choice for a young family. Young people will like the light brown colors and bright design ideas. The bed will surely make your bedroom look modern and exquisite. It is both beautiful, due to the glossy finish, and practical, thanks to built-in lights. In addition to the bed, the bedroom set includes a nightstand and a capacious dresser. With the help of this bedroom set, you will be able to create a unique interior.
2 195 AED
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Goods 1 - 20 on 20
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Finding the right furniture for your bedroom might be a great challenge

Even though choosing bedroom furniture may sometimes seem daunting and overwhelming, it is still a very important task as bedroom is ultimately the place where you spend an essential portion of your life sleeping, relaxing or thinking. Which is why, the furniture you will finally decide on should not only complement the decor of your living area but harmonize with your inner self.



Multiple opportunities for your bedroom decoration



If you are the type of person that looks for unity in style while trying to cut back on expenses, then you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundant opportunities offered by our online store. With our top-quality bedroom sets you will manage to furnish your bedroom in the most exquisite way while being able to budget your finances wisely.



Before choosing bedroom sets, the first thing to do must be your space consideration. If you have a tiny bedroom, then finding the right furniture that could allow to visually expand the space might be an ideal solution. Therefore, making a smart purchase and choosing the pieces that best suit your needs will surely help to transform your pint-size room into a spacious bedroom. As the bed is the main element of each bedroom, it might be helpful to opt for a bed with a built-in dresser which is a good combination of comfort and function. Our tall headboard beds can also help to fool the eye and thus enlarge the volume of your bedroom space. Lastly, our light monochromatic furniture sets, including night-stands, vanity tables and dressers will serve ideally for this purpose by not only creating the optical illusion of larger room, but also providing some storage space. Conversely, if your sleeping room is large and you want to highlight the magnificence of your bedroom, then you will be thrilled with our spectacular collection of padded headboard beds, armoire dressers or wardrobe dressers. These are available in an unlimited array of colors and multiple styles in your choice.





Why should you purchase furniture sets from Dubai Furniture Direct



By purchasing our furniture sets, you will discover that creating your own look for your bedroom has never been easier. Dubai Furniture Direct is proud to offer you furniture sets of impeccable quality and craftsmanship. And you will definitely fall in love the furniture that not only is incredibly beautiful, but is sturdy as well, and no doubts will last for ages. We especially pride ourselves with our team of professional specialist who strive to deliver first-rate service and handle any tasks in a timely manner.