FidKoen Bedroom Set

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To create an incredibly pleasant vibe in the bedroom it is extremely essential to purchase the best-looking and most versatile set of bedroom furniture, as it makes the whole space appear a certain way. This incredibly elegant bedroom set consists of the large bed featuring a unique wooden headboard, 3-door wardrobe, two nightstand, and a chest of drawers to keep some items close to you in case you might need them.

One of the bedroom drawers has a mirror, the frame of which perfectly complements design of the headboard, thus making the place look harmonious. All the furniture has a beautiful dark merlot finish, which provides a very cozy feel to the place.

Product features:

  • Set details: Queen size Bed + 3 door Wardrobe + Chest of Drawers + Two Nightstands + Mirror
  • Mattress Size: 160x200
  • Bed LOZ/160: length – 200 cm, depth – 165 cm, height – 43-76 cm
  • 3 Door Wardrobe SZF3D2S: length – 164 cm, depth – 57 cm, height – 208 cm
  • Chest of Drawers KOM4S/100: length –104 cm, depth – 39 cm, height – 91 cm
  • Nightstand KOM4S: length – 104 cm, depth – 40 cm, height – 93 cm
  • Mirror LUS/103: length – 104 cm, depth – 79 cm, thickness - 3 cm
  • Material: high-quality chipboard
  • Country of origin: Poland
  • Color: wenge (dark brown)
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Mattress is not included

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